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ECCO Congress 2019 Event title: 14th Congress of ECCO – Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Event dates: March 6-9, 2018 Event location: Bella Center, Copenhagen, Denmark

Event website: www.ecco-ibd.eu/ecco18




On behalf of the ECCO Scientific Committee we herewith inform you about the official call for Fellowships, Grants & Travel Awards 2019

Deadlinefor applications for ECCO Fellowships, Grants and Travel Awards: September 1, 2018

ECCO has established Fellowships, Grants and Travel Awards to encourage young physicians in their career and to promote innovative scientific research in IBD in Europe.

ECCO Pioneer Award has been launched in 2017 to promote visionary, innovative, and inter-disciplinary collaborative research projects in the field of IBD. The applicants (collaboration between minimum of 2 IBD Centres) must submit a new and original research project that has not yet been launched.

Award:EUR 250,000 per award

Number of Awards:1

Fellowships have been created for individuals younger than 40 years who submit an original research project which they wish to undertake abroad in a European hosting laboratory and/or department that has agreed to host and guide the Fellow for the duration of the Fellowship (one year) and that is responsible, together with the Fellow, for the successful completion of the project.

Award:EUR 60,000 per fellowship

Number of Fellowships:2 ECCO Fellowships

Grants are created to support good and innovative scientific, translational or clinical research in Europe. The guidelines for ECCO Grants are very similar to those for the Fellowships, with the exception that the research is typically undertaken in the institution of the applicant.

Award:EUR 50,000per grant

Number of Grants:12

Travel Awards were established as an opportunity for young investigators to visit different IBD centres in Europe, to learn scientific techniques or to be a clinical observer. Incentives are available for applicants from Central and Eastern Europe. IBD nurse Members of ECCO can apply for the N-ECCO Travel Award, which provides nurses with the opportunity to visit another European centre to observe nursing care, in recognition of the fact that observational learning is essential in enabling nurses to develop within a role.

Award:EUR 1,500 per travel award

Number of Travel Awards:5 (incl. 1 N-ECCO Travel Award)

The N-ECCO Research Grants aim to engage IBD nurses who are less experienced in research to do international IBD Nursing research, mentored by senior researchers. The duration of the grant is one year.

Award:EUR 20,000

Number of N-ECCO Research Grants:1 (The amount can be given to one big project, or spilt and given to two smaller projects.)

For detailed information on Fellowships, Grants and Travel Awards, including eligibility and the submission process as well as additional grant programmes offered by ECCO, please visit the ECCO Website.