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Deadline for applications: July 31, 2020

Please see below the list of the Grants that ECCO offers for 2021:

ECCO Multi-Year research Grant will be awarded to encourage and support innovative basic and/or clinical scientific research in the area of IBD across Europe. The selected topics for these ECCO Multi-Year Research Grants are:

  • Evaluation of novel modalities of disease monitoring in patients treated with JAK inhibitors (e.g. ultrasound/MRI/fibrosis evaluation)
  • Early disease control via JAK inhibition

The project group must consist of at least 2 participating institutions from different countries.

Award: EUR 200,000 per grant

Number of ECCO Multi-Year Research Grants: 2 exceptional awards

With the support of Pfizer

Grants are created to support good and innovative scientific, translational or clinical research in Europe. Target audience are young basic and/or clinical scientists not older than 40 years, or if above than being within 5 years after finishing GI training or PhD graduation. The research is typically undertaken in the institution of the applicant. 

Award: EUR 80,000 per grant

Number of Grants: 8

ECCO Research Award is designed to support IBD research conducted by international multicentre study groups, with a focus on retrospective observational research projects using a registry tool. Priority will be given to research projects which include the use of the United Registries for Clinical Assessment and REsearch (UR-CARE).

Award: EUR 40,000

Number of ECCO Research Awards: 1

With the support of Pfizer

N-ECCO Research Grants aim to engage IBD nurses who are less experienced in research to do international IBD Nursing research, mentored by senior researchers. The duration of the grant is one year.

Award: EUR 20,000

Number of N-ECCO Research Grants: 1 (The amount can be given to one big project, or split and given to two smaller projects.)

ECCO-IBUS Intestinal Ultrasound Research Grant supports clinical excellence in investigating the utility of intestinal ultrasound used in the assessment of patients with IBD. It is aimed at established candidates within clinical units with expertise in IBD and in performance of intestinal ultrasound with routine access to an ultrasound machine within their own institute.

Award: EUR 20,000

Number of ECCO-IBUS Research Grants: 1

Deadline: extended until August 31, 2020

For detailed information on ECCO Grants, including eligibility and the submission process as well as additional grant programmes offered by ECCO, please visit the ECCO Website.

Kind regards,

Sebastian Zeissig, SciCom Chair

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